Questions For Consideration With Establishing Essential Elements Of Ball Gowns

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How you can help this program at 5 Deanna Bettineschi (@DeannaANjax) January 23, 2017 There are 480 homeless students in Nassau County, 2,383 in Duval County and 692 in St. Johns County. Without the help, some of us wouldn't be able to give the kids what they need, Castillo said. But The Clothing Closet is in need of volunteers We could use probably a crew of at least six in two- or three-hour shifts, McClellan said. Volunteers are needed to put the clothes on hangers on racks so families can look through them. If we had more volunteers here at one time, they could be doing other things, like reading to the kids, McClellan said. Castillo said the current volunteers are great and are like family to her children. If you're able to volunteer your time, you can email McClellan at . The clothing closet is awesome!

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